BLOG du projet "11 septembre 2001" lycée Jean Renoir

jeudi 24 mars 2011

ON and OFF Stage "september 11, 2001"

 Film week end  de mars P. Destelle

Productions écrites d’élèves en anglais sur leur vécu, leur ressenti dans les stages théâtre, leurs espoirs pour l’avenir dans le projet :

I found the last theatre week-end ( january 28 and 29) great ; I learned that the body plays an essential role in a play and that it is hard to use it.
I also noticed that the different groups of students ( from 3 different schools) broke themselves step by step to form a single group.

This experience is very enriching because it allows us to express ourselves. It allows us to overcome our shyness, and that is what I love the most. And why not in the future, find an interest in the theatre to work ?
 I hope that I shall participate in the final show which will take place on Sept. 11, 2011. Because I know that if I do not participate in it , I shall miss something essential which may happen only once in my life.

Little by little, we began to be a family, only one group with no differences anymore.
I really appreciated this second week end , indeed now we’re more into the play and that makes me feel like continuing until the show next September.
After this experience, I want to continue theatre if I’m good at it. I don’t know yet if I want to make it my future job but probably a passion and a hobby.

I hope this project will lead to something good , and I want to have fun and continue to learn to know the other students ( from the other schools) until next April at least.

To conclude, I would say that it is a fabulous experience, theatre was an unknown world to me and now I know what it is. A place where people are screaming, laughing, enjoying themselves and that is amazing ! SHAROZ

I met many new people , students and different personalities but the best meeting was with Michel Vinaver.
I believe this adventure is a great chance for me and my schoolfriends.
I share many good moments with my classmates in the practice of theatre. Always with joy and laughter.
I know this project can bring me many things : on the one hand, it has become easier for me to speak in front of a lot of people. On the other hand, on a collective point of view, we are all united now.
This experience will be printed in my memory for ever.

mercredi 16 mars 2011

FORUM DES TPE : Autour du 11 septembre

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Pompiers, le mythe du héros.

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